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Whether it's a leaky roof, busted pipe, or other concern, Featherfall Restoration provides roofing & property damage restoration because we believe in leaving things better in the world than the way we first found them and nothing lets us do that quite like construction and disaster restoration. Big or small, you deserve the best on your job. So stay strong:


You're under our wing now


Headquartered in Saint Louis, our company works tirelessly to ensure that we are restoring each and every home and business to the highest standards possible. It's not just about putting a nail into a piece of wood or sorting out property after a fire. It's about creating hope by providing a strong foundation you can depend on.

We shoulder all the burden for you by providing expert consultation and performance so that you can stay focused on what truly matters.

Your family deserves it.

So, take your time and check out our site and when you're ready to connect just click on one of our contact links or give us a call.